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Friday, March 9, 2007

Steps Needed For Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment helps to determine the dangers from fire and chances of fire occurring at your work place.

Five steps needed to take for Fire Risk Assessment
Step 1 => Identify potential fire hazards in the workplace.
=> sources of fuel & ignition
=> work processes

Step 2 => It's better to decide who might be in danger (visitors, employees)

Step 3 => Evaluate the risks and take necessary fire precautions.
=> Are existing fire safety measures adequate in case of fire?
=> control of ignition sources/sources of fuel
=> fire warning/detection
=> means of escape and fighting fire
=> testing and maintenance of fire precautions
=> fire safety training of employees

Step 4 => Record your findings and update it about your findings to employees.
=> Prepare emergency plan, update and trail employees.

Step 5 => Keep the assessment under review and revise it time to time whenever necessary.

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